The FOURCE App Beta is LIVE! - "Google Meets Instagram For The Wellness Community"

We’re currently in the Information Age, yet “misinformation” runs rampant in the fitness industry. In the past 6 months a new, dangerous trend called “dry scooping”, which is taking pre-workout without water, has taken over TikTok and caused a young woman to have a heart attack. This has serious health effects, including heart palpitations, breathing complications, and digestive issues. Additionally, in a survey by NBC News, 57% of people believed that stretching before a workout is good for you, when it’s actually dangerous. Misinformation within the health community, which is largely consumed via social media, leads to unsafe and inefficient practices by people looking to better themselves. This can cause them to lose confidence in their ability to lose weight and improve their overall health. That’s why FOURCE will be the primary source for health & fitness knowledge sharing in the world. It will also be a community for health enthusiasts to showcase their journeys, support one another, find workout partners, and share stories and content. Think, "Google meets Instagram for the wellness community". Let’s stop verifying "influencers" and start verifying information which is critical to our health!

Instead of relying on your favorite Instagram influencer, a trending reel, or a blog written by anyone with a computer; what if there was a place people could go for accurate health information from evidence-based articles, based on their own interests? With FOURCE, Users can learn a new exercise or find new workout program, share their fitness journey and receive support, and shop for all of their essentials. This app will be the sole source of truth for health & fitness information.

Additionally, FOURCE will be a community for health and fitness enthusiasts to share workouts, progress, and motivate each other along their fitness journeys. Research shows that more than 40% of social media users indicated that information found on social media affects the way they approach their health. It also shows that seeing exercise-related social media posts such as images of friends exercising or wearing workout clothes, checking into gyms, or posting about fitness-related accomplishments, made them feel motivated to work out.

The fact is, America is in a health crisis. Over 70% of adults are either overweight or obese. It’s worse in the African-American community, 4 out of 5 black women are obese or overweight. My mother is a black woman, my sister is a black woman, my daughter will grow to be a black woman. I want to build a space for each of them to get the information, resources, motivation, and support they need to feel like their goals are attainable.

Force = mass x acceleration. By arming our users (mass) with knowledge and support (acceleration), they'll be an unstoppable FOURCE.


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